This page has the handout from Bowern, Alpher, and Round (2013) Yidiny Stress, Length, and Truncation Revisited (NELS Poster, Oct 18-20, 2013, UConn, Storrs, CT). A few representative sound clips are also available.

  • Poster [Original size, PDF]
  • Handout, with further examples [PDF]
Elwyn FlintRepeating bina:l (‘hear’). The first token is Yidiny speaker’s, with initial intensity; second is Flint’s repetition, with first vowel reduction and stress on the long vowel. This example shows the way in which native English speakers often interpret length as stress in non-initial syllables.
Dick Moses: Main Yidiny consultant for R.M.W. Dixon. Here is a clip of the word wurrba:dying ‘look for’.