Language resources

Lab members have developed some resources as part of various grants and research projects. You are free to download these for your own (strictly non-commercial) use.

  • Toolbox to Tabbed text conversion script. Sophia Gilman wrote a script to convert messy backslash coded dictionary files to tabbed text. More information is available here.
  • Yolngu Matha Keyboard for Mac [.keylayout file] The semicolon is the deadkey. ä is ; followed by a, ŋ is remapped to q (q is ; ŋ), the underlined letters ḏ, ṉ, ḻ and ṯ are remapped to z, c, f, and v.
  • Pama-Nyungan Language Centroid points as [kmz file]. Please also note conditions of use and some caveats. You can display the map on Google Maps without Google earth by following this link.
  • Polygons in kml for Australian languages  [kmz file].
  • Podcasts on Planning a Language Documentation Project, aimed at community members. Topics covered include general planning, grant writing, types of projects that tend to be successful, and recording elderly relatives. [Youtube] [Talk1] [Talk2]