Linguistic Fieldwork


This site accompanies the book Linguistic Field Work: A Practical Guide (Palgrave MacMillan, 2008). It contains the information that is likely to be highly datable (especially web links and information about audio equipment). It also contains some of the checklists given in the book. If you are looking for a particular item referenced in the text of the book, check the Table of Contents list.

You may download and print copies any of the material on this site for your own use (e.g. to take to the field), however you may not republish any of the information on this site, nor may you distribute it to a third party. Please provide a link to the relevant page instead. This material is all free, but if you find it useful, I strongly encourage you to buy a copy of the book – it’ll be even more useful then! Clicking on the picture of the book’s cover will take you to Palgrave Macmillan’s site. The book is also available from the regular online sources, including Amazon.

Feedback is very welcome; you can email me directly or use the ‘comment’ feature on this site.

Materials Bleg:

Put your stimulus materials on the web! If you have created elicitation prompts or stimulus materials for your fieldwork, please think about making them available to others. I can host materials here or provide a link. 


Many thanks to the following people who have provided information, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback:

  • Yoram Meroz
  • Peter Cole
  • Sebastian Drude
  • John Vanderelst

New edition on the way:

I’m preparing a new edition of the book. See this blog post for details, and please comment if there are things you’d particularly like to see in the new edition.

Slides for language Documentation class:

I have uploaded the lecture slides from my recent LSA Summer Institute class on language documentation. They are available here.